i empower mean eaters and sugar junkies to stop fixing & start thriving.

i was a mean eater.  i didn’t eat to nourish my body and flourish my mind.  i ate to comfort, to escape, to entertain, to fit in, to protect and to sabotage.  living the sweet life

sugar cravings and obsessive preoccupation with eating held me back from living a vibrant life, full of people, places and things.

i had low energy and low motivation.

i felt lackluster, self-conscious and round.

being alone in my apartment, with the tv and whatever thing i was too embarrassed to eat in front of other people was preferable to being with other people out in the world.

i couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand. i was always getting up to get another coffee or snack. or i was plotting how i could eat the leftover birthday cake in the kitchen without anyone seeing me.

phew! thank goodness that’s over.

today i eat clean, whole, healthful foods that energize my body and soul and make me feel good while i eat them, and after.

today i eat the sweet life, instead.  out in the world.  in the sunshine.

how did i do it?  the first thing i had to do was stop “f’ing” myself:  stop trying to fix myself. figure it out, and fight who i am.  i am a sugar junkie.  oh well.  instead of trying to not be that, i learned to love that crazy poor little sugar junkie fiending for chocolate and love.  poor little.  xo little sugar junkie.  kisses.  xx

life’s pretty delicious.

i became certified as an integrative nutrition & health coach because i saw so many of my friends and peers struggling the same way i did to be healthy and sane with all the contradictory health trends whizzing around us.  too many people are sick, lackluster and sad out there.  i want to see people energetic, radiant, healthy, strong and hopping around at 90.

sugar junkies and mean eaters can make easy and sustainable diet and lifestyle tweaks today and feel focused, motivated, energetic and sexy for a long long time.

it’s food and joy, not medicine, that creates health.

stop fixing.  start thriving.

be healthy.  be happy.  be good-looking.


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