Y’all, I Made Ghee!

Ghee is ghetting (sorry, I had to) a lot of buzz. So i decided to jump on board and give it a try after reading about its many health benefits.  I mean when Trader Joe’s starts selling it, you know it’s hipster cool.

What is Ghee?

It’s pure butterfat.  Butterfat you caramelized milk solids in, people.  It’s melted toasted butter with the protein and milk sugar lactose removed!   Now, I’m not one of those butter people (you know who you are).  Butter is not a staple in my home, in fact, I never have butter.  I don’t really eat bread, and well, what else would you need butter for?  But toasted butter, I had to try it.

Traditional ghee originates from India and is a little more technical than the way white people who don’t care so much about cows or tradition make it.  My version is something between ghee and clarified butter.

How to Make Ghee (or, more àpropos: White Girl Ghee)

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Y’all I made sauerkraut

Homemade Sauerkraut

Ya’ll I made sauerkraut and it’s so easy you’ll never buy sauerkraut again.

Also, I’d say it cost me about 50¢.

I went to Whole Foods not too long ago and couldn’t believe how expensive sauerkraut and kimchi are.  They range from $7 to $12 a jar.  shhheessh.

If you are like me, when you think sauerkraut you think that weird little plastic bag sold next to the hot dogs in the refrigerated aisle that your mom only ever served with hotdogs.

However sauerkraut is a pretty awesome little snack that can be eaten on its own or added to stirfrys or salads for an acidic kick.

To boot, sauerkraut is a powerhouse of probiotic bacteria essential for gut health, healthy digestion and a strong immune system.

All that for 50¢!

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Y’all. I MADE yogurt.

How to Make Slow-Cooker Yogurt

I feel potent.  I made yogurt.  I know I shouldn’t feel celestial, but plain yogurt is the closest thing to mother’s milk.  Being as I’m not pregnant, I feel I’ve defied nature while at the same time, allowing it to run its course.

IMG_1498Though making yogurt takes a little time, it is very easy.  It is cheaper than buying yogurt (especially greek) and it saves packaging.  So I feel good.

Also when you bring it to work for breakfast and everyone asks, “What’s that?”, you can reply “Homemade yogurt.  I MADE it!”  Then you can sit back and revel in their awe and admiration.  When they ask, “How did you do this wonderful thing?”  You can tell them, “It ain’t no thing”

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Lesson 3: Use Everything

Organic on $50/week Budget

I think in my past life I was a depression era mother.  I’m finding it’s my natural instinct to look at something others would throw away and ask, “can I eat that?”

Ok, maybe that’s not that true.  When I have money I am perfectly happy to waste things inconvenient.  Time becomes more valuable than using every part of a squash.  Let’s face it, it’s easier to throw something away and buy ready-made things than make those things yourself.  But when you are on a budget, it’s fun and rewarding to get creative.

Lesson 3:  When Trying to Eat Organic on a Budget, You Need to Use Everything.

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lesson 2: you need to make soups & stews…and get a slow-cooker.

Organic on $50/week Budget

If you are bold enough to try to keep your grocery bill at $50/week and aim to eat organically, I recommend you invest in a slow-cooker.

Lesson 2:  If You Want to Eat Organic on a Budget, Soups & Stews are Probably a Good Idea.

Soups or stews are a good low-calorie, cheap, nutritious and filling meal. 

However, most canned soups are filled with sugar, excess salt, and a myriad of things I don’t want to eat  (e.g. cornstarch and whatever potato flakes are).  

But if you make your own they can be a nutritious way to stay on budget.

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Homemade Mayo! Easy, Delicious, No Preservatives, & Cheap!

I made mayonnaise.

And it was easy.

And it was cheap.

And it is pretty damn good if I do say so myself!

I know what you’re thinking.  Mayo is so fattening.  Well yes.  It is basically oil with a bit of egg.  But it also goes splendidly with baked sweet potato fries.

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the tell-tale cheese cake

Un vrai cheese cake à l'anglaise, pas de doute...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

i’m in a café.

the girl at the table next to me drank milky coffee out of an oversized cup and slowly ate a piece of cheesecake while reading a book on her ipad.

i’d like to pretend that didn’t bother me.

but it did.

oh what a droll life she must lead.  having a cheesecake snack in the middle of the day.

maybe i shouldn’t judge her.  maybe it was her lunch.  maybe it was her lunch and breakfast.

can i judge her for that?

it’s really none of my business.  except the bitch left and left about 1/3 of the cheesecake on the empty table.

just sitting there.  next to me.  with a fork and everything.

i’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how i can get that cheesecake in my mouth without any one seeing.

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