Y’all, I Made Ghee!

Ghee is ghetting (sorry, I had to) a lot of buzz. So i decided to jump on board and give it a try after reading about its many health benefits.  I mean when Trader Joe’s starts selling it, you know it’s hipster cool.

What is Ghee?

It’s pure butterfat.  Butterfat you caramelized milk solids in, people.  It’s melted toasted butter with the protein and milk sugar lactose removed!   Now, I’m not one of those butter people (you know who you are).  Butter is not a staple in my home, in fact, I never have butter.  I don’t really eat bread, and well, what else would you need butter for?  But toasted butter, I had to try it.

Traditional ghee originates from India and is a little more technical than the way white people who don’t care so much about cows or tradition make it.  My version is something between ghee and clarified butter.

How to Make Ghee (or, more àpropos: White Girl Ghee)

1. get good quality unsalted butter from grass-fed cows

Kerry Gold is a good bet (and you can find it at Trader Joe’s).  Generally seek out dairy products made from grass-fed cows.  Dairy from grass-fed cows are high in omega-3 fatty acids and low in omega-6 fatty acids.  The reverse is true for cows fed grain.  There’s a lengthy explanation why omega-6s are bad and omega-3s are good but just know the imbalance leads to inflammation and disease.

2. put the butter in a big pan

it’s going to sizzle and pop, so you want a tall stock pot.

3. put the heat on low

IMG_00384. let it sizzle and pop

the milk solids (caseins) will sink to the bottom and float on top.

5. when the solids start to turn brown, turn the heat off

because you just caramelized the milk solids.

6. either use a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth over a glass jar or bowl to separate milk solids.

you may have to do this twice to get all the casein.

 Ghee is Ghood.

Be forewarned if you are thinking of making ghee…this shit is delicious.  The smell of it is intoxicating.  I have to stop myself every day from standing at my kitchen counter spooning ghee and raw honey into my mouth (this is also why i don’t have bread in my home.)

“It’s totally healthy and good for me,” I tell myself. ” In Ayurvedic medicine it’s medicinal.”

Totally true.

Still standing at the kitchen counter with a spoon is never a good idea.

And i’m not going to lie, I totally sucked the excess ghee out of the cheesecloth before I threw it away.  Ghee ran down my chin in an effigy of carnage.

I’m not ashamed.

Health Benefits of Ghee

  1. stimulates digestion by stimulating the secretion of stomach acids
  2. rich in fat soluble A,D, E & K vitamins critical to bone, brain, heart and immune health.
  3. rich in K2 & CLA  (if from grass-fed cows) – anti-viral, anti-cancer antioxidants.
  4. rich in butyric acid – good for a healthy gut which aids digestion & immune health and may promote weight loss
  5. anti-inflammatory
  6. increases vitamin absorbency
  7. it’s a whole food.  a real food.  you made it with love.


me & my ghee



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