Y’all I made sauerkraut

Homemade Sauerkraut

Ya’ll I made sauerkraut and it’s so easy you’ll never buy sauerkraut again.

Also, I’d say it cost me about 50¢.

I went to Whole Foods not too long ago and couldn’t believe how expensive sauerkraut and kimchi are.  They range from $7 to $12 a jar.  shhheessh.

If you are like me, when you think sauerkraut you think that weird little plastic bag sold next to the hot dogs in the refrigerated aisle that your mom only ever served with hotdogs.

However sauerkraut is a pretty awesome little snack that can be eaten on its own or added to stirfrys or salads for an acidic kick.

To boot, sauerkraut is a powerhouse of probiotic bacteria essential for gut health, healthy digestion and a strong immune system.

All that for 50¢!

Some of the recipes I read suggest massaging salt into cabbage.  You can do that if you like, but that seemed like a lot of busy work…also I didn’t really read the recipe until after I made my first batch.

My sauerkraut turned out awesome without a loving massage.  You can play with flavors and add things like caraway seeds, spices, onions or peppers.  I put in a little cayenne in mine to give it a kick.


English: Picture of cabbage and onions ferment...

sauerkraut jar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s how you do it.  Ready?

How to Make Homemade Sauerkraut

  1. cut up cabbage into sauerkraut type pieces (or larger chunks like in kim chee)
  2. put filtered water in a jar
  3. put 1T good quality salt in the jar
  4. put cabbage in jar
  5. weigh down cabbage with something so that all of it is submerged in water (I used a little to-go sauce container filled with water)
  6. make sure there is about 1 inch of air space above water
  7. cover with cheesecloth and twine or a rubber band
  8. put in a dark place for 7-10 days

That’s it.  It takes 5 minutes (and a week).  You need to weigh down the cabbage with something because the cabbage is safe under the water but out of the water could get moldy.  The cabbage will naturally float to the top without weighing it down.

A little bacteria scum is natural and may appear on top.  Just scrape it off.

Happy fermenting!


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