is it possible to eat clean & organic on $50/wk??

i recently lost my job.  i can survive, but i have to, at least temporarily survive on unemployment.  previously, though i did pay attention to which and what is cheaper, i treated myself to the luxury of throwing healthy ingredients in my cart.


listen, I don’t drink and I don’t smoke, healthful gourmet groceries is the one luxury i afford myself (and the office-type water cooler i have in my kitchen.  and mani-pedis, and waxes, and massages….ok it’s not the only luxury, but it’s one of many luxuries i afford myself)

honestly, until recently when i educated myself on just want organic is, i never cared about buying organic.  “organic” produce was for whole foods moms who could afford to throw anything in their carts, regardless of price.  organic items are 50% to 3x more expensive than their non-organic counterparts and the conventionally grown stuff is always bigger!  so it was my natural inclination to throw the $1.99 bag of fat romaine hearts in my cart over the $2.99 thinner bag of organic hearts.

it never occurred to me until recently that the reason those apples, squash & bags of lettuce were bigger is because there is probably some chemical engineering going on there to make them bigger and lusher in addition to the pesticides all over them.

here’s the thing about when you start reading about “just what is healthful eating anyway” and start becoming aware of just what is actually happening in the process between the farm to the grocery store or restaurant.

we don’t want to think about it.  we just want to believe a little old farmer and his family plucked that giant apple from a tree, walked it over to a truck and that truck drove to trader joe’s.

most probably that isn’t the way it went down.  best not to think about it too hard.

today healthful eating isn’t just about eating whole foods.  it’s unfortunately, but realistically, also about not ingesting toxins.

so eating kale is good idea.  but not necessarily if there are a bunch of chemicals all over it that may or may not, but probably are, causing cancer cells or neurological damage.

eating healthy is very complicated, y’all.

once you really start becoming aware and reading more and more articles, you begin to walk around the grocery store afraid to put anything in your little red basket.  especially if you are on a budget!

what the f* can i eat that’s not going to slowly kill me or give me brain damage?

i found myself with the dilemma of having to choose between spending money i can’t afford to spend or putting my health and longevity at risk.

i saw myself sitting in a corner at home with some organic kale and an organic apple, like a rabbit.  slowly chewing on them to make them last longer.  maybe i can afford some salt for added flavor?

is salt ok?  is it organic?  if it’s sea salt, is the sea polluted?

can i eat dairy?  organic dairy is expensive.  what does organic even mean?  does that mean the cows weren’t given hormones?  but what were they fed? GMO corn?  what’s added to the milk after it came out of the cow?

should i have almond milk?  what are all those ingredients in my almond milk? are they ok?

organic meat is super expensive!  should i just be a vegetarian?  but most soy is GMO.  can i eat soy?

are some vegetables ok to eat non-organic if i can’t afford to eat all things organic?  what are they?

what the f* can i eat?

these are the questions i had, and many more!

so i thought, well if i have these questions, and i am studying holistic health and probably know more than most of the population, and i’m confused, I bet a ton of people out there are just as confused as i.

so i’m going to break this shit down.  for myself, but for you too.

because it is a complex task to eat healthfully today!

we need to help each other.

here’s the plan:

  • as much as possible i will avoid anything packaged, processed and preserved by saturating my diet with fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and proteins.  
  • as much as possible i will avoid anything conventionally grown and not marked USDA organic.
  • as much as possible i will try to keep my grocery bill around $50/week

it’s a dog eat dog world out there.

but i don’t even know if you should be eating dog.  probably not.  PETA would probably be all over that.

being vibrantly healthy and as pain & disease free as possible for as long as possible is my personal goal.

no one should be sick because they ate too many apples.

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2 thoughts on “is it possible to eat clean & organic on $50/wk??

  1. word. it’s hard to eat healthy these days. $50/wk to eat nutritiously & organically doesn’t seem to be enough. imagine if you have a family to feed on $100/wk. must be seemingly impossible to most families.


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